The Magic of
Sugar Art

It thrills me to no end that the magical sugar art sirens have lured you to my sweet little corner of the web! Can you hear the trumpet fanfare greeting and inviting you to come in?

Please grab a cup of your favorite beverage, make yourself comfortable, and let me show you how to make sugar art the iSugarfy way ;-).

Hi!  My name is Sonja Galmad, and I'm a sugar addict  - okay, not the gobbling kind ;-). But like so many of my fellow cookie and cake artists, I'm held captive by the magic of sugar art and am indulging in this healthiest form of sugar addiction almost every minute I can free up... sugarfying ideas that seem to come from everywhere and anything.

One of my favorite sugar art techniques is knitting with royal icing. And since in this hemisphere it's that cold time of year again where gnomes seem to crawl out of every little corner to get us into the mood for the season, I thought I should try to knit a warm garment for one of these little fellows.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to keep my promise (yet - might still happen, though) to make a demo of a knitted version of The Purple Owl. So now I make up for it by showing you how I did this Jolly Gnome cookie (click on it to be taken to the video). The hairy parts, by the way, are made of pastillage.

A short sugar art video demo of how to knit with royal icing shown on a small gnome cookie.

A Short Word
About My Isomalt Techniques

I know some of you are interested in the isomalt techniques that I have developed to achieve a delicate stained glass look. I do plan on offering a course for these down the road, but am a bit intimidated by the video setup this would require and the complexity of the whole thing.

It would probably take me weeks if not months to get it done. But the more requests I do receive for it, the better chances this project has to see the light of day, LOL. So do drop me a note, to let me know that you're interested.

To show you what can be done with these techniques, below are my two latest (October 2020) isomalt sugar art works. For more examples visit my Isomalt Portfolio.

The angel is a stained-glass candle holder I made for the Practice Bakes Perfect challenge "Stained Glass" on Cookie Connection. The mosaic base is made from isomalt as well.

Cookie and cake decor: an angel candle holder made from isomalt for a stained-glass and glass mosaics effect.

And here is another working isomalt lamp I made for the Bakerswood collaboration - Japon, Land of the Rising Sun. You can see some progress pictures and more photos of the finished lamp by clicking on it.

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— Intermezzo —

If you came here by accident, or just curiosity, and have never held a piping bag in your hands before, please have a look at my portfolio to see what can be made out of sugar (and yes, sugar art can be preserved for a very long time).

It would please me immensely if I heard from you down the road that my work has inspired you to give sugarcraft a try.

But be warned!
Most who start out decorating cookies and cakes with royal icing will feel a gigantic urge to squeeze that magic piping bag again and again... and again... LOL

This Website?

Some of you might know me from Facebook and/or Instagram and have seen Mr. Badger below already. Many fellow cookie and sugar artists in those sweet circles have asked me to share my sugarcraft know-how. This website then is my answer to these dear folks - everything in one place on how to create sugar art the iSugarfy way :-).

And I must admit, it's fun to play around with graphics and fonts almost as much as with royal icing and isomalt, but just almost, LOL. Yes, I took courses for this website so you wouldn't have to suffer looking at my mediocre photos and/or videos :-).

Sugar Art with the royal icing knitting technique: Mr. Badger is a 3D-Gingerbread-Cookie Figurine.

So What Can You Expect
From this Sugar Art Nerd? 

In short: I will show you how to create sugar art in a way you might not have seen anywhere else. I will share with you royal icing techniques that I have learned, and some that I have developed myself, plus, of course, a bunch of tips and tricks, some that I have picked up on the way and some that I've cooked up myself. 

At this time, most of my portfolio consists of decorated cookies, but in the past year or so, my modus operandi has shifted into creating transfers almost exclusively... transfers that can be used

  • on cookies,
  • in cake design,
  • for cupcake toppers,
  • cake pops,
  • and a variety of other pastries.

There are many advantages to this system, and I will write about it on another page sometime. But I will on occasion, still show you how to decorate cookies the traditional way, directly onto a cookie with maybe some royal icing transfer elements. 

Besides the regular informational content (like how to make royal icing or how to make paper cones, etc.), I will slowly populate this site with free sugarcraft tutorials. These will be mostly in form of videos accompanied with templates and translatable, timestamped transcripts.

There will also be just demos, because they are much faster done than a tutorial, and I think one still can pick up a lot by just observing. You always can feel free to ask questions to them as well.

And since I love doing vector graphics, I might offer some templates for royal icing designs, other than the ones I offer with my video tutorials, and maybe some instructions on how to make them yourself... all down the road...

Share Your Work & Ask Questions

There will be a section on the main page of new tutorials, where you can upload a photo with your piping story of the transfer/cookie that you created with that specific tutorial.

This will create a mini webpage of your sugar art piece, your own unique URL, that you then can share with your family, friends, and the whole world if you wish. And there will be a comment section where they can leave their thoughts about your sweet art.

Also, at the end of a tutorial, you'll get the chance to ask questions and upload photos of problems you might have encountered during a tutorial. This will not only help you but me as well... to learn what to explain better, where to put more emphasis, etc.

What Would You Like
To See Me Mix Up For You?

To help me choose what to cover in my sugar art tutorials, I ask you to please let me know in the comment section below, or via the contact form, what sugar art piece/technique that you would like to have taught in a tutorial, or just demoed. Naturally, whatever receives more requests will be shown earlier.

Or you might have a subject in general that you would like to see discussed here? Any other ideas for this site?

Thank you so much for visiting! I'm elated you're here, and I hope you will find my site useful!

Sending sweet vibes your way,

— Sidebar —

I'm always grateful
if you let me know when you see typos or grammatical errors
(English is a second language for me),
or anything else that I have missed, made wrong, etc.

Please use this contact form to message me those. Thank you!

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