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This part of my website will be expanded little by little. Videos take time, especially tutorials.

Free sugarcraft tutorials: Learn how to make sugar art the iSugarfy way :-) - royal icing and isomalt video tutorials for cookie and cake decorating.

Video Tutorials

The Purple Owl
How to Pipe an Intricate Royal Icing Transfer

This video has it's own tutorial pages. Before you give it a go though, I recommend you start by reading the introductory tutorial pages.

— Penguin in Knit Jumper—
How to Pipe the Basic Knit Stitch with Royal Icing

I've posted a transcript of this video, which you can translate into your own language with the translation tool to the right (on desktop computers).

He publicado una transcripción de este video en español.

If you'd like to try this penguin, you can download the template. Cut out the size you want. Chill your rolled out dough and hand-cut your cookie with a sharp knife. Yeah, I'm assuming that you know how to decorate the penguin before you knit the sweater :).

Video Demos

Decorating an Easter Egg
In Pysanky Style

— Jolly Gnome —

The Royal Icing Knitting Technique

— The Making of the Alien Owl Queen —

The Royal Icing Frilling Technique

— Quilled Spider —

The Royal Icing Paper Quilling Technique

If you'd like to give the Royal Icing Paper Quilling Technique a try, download the Quilled-Spider Template.

The template comes with the following notes, so you have access to them offline, or have it translated into your own language by Google Translate.

  1. Use a medium-stiff consistency icing for this technique. If the icing is too stiff, you will not be able to pipe narrow arcs and circles. The tip would be about a #1 (I use parchment cones).
  2. Use a turntable: Cut out the spider and tape it to the turntable. Cover it with plastic. I use transparent page protectors, as they’re a bit porous and the transfers dry faster. 
  3. Pipe with your better hand, turn the table with the other. Always start in the center as shown in the video. Practice how far off the surface you have to lift the line in order to be able to get around an arch/circle. Hint: the wider it gets, the farther off you can lift it (not by much, though).
  4. After the first round, paint flood consistency icing over the piped lines as shown in the video, in order to hold the lines together. If you leave off this stage, you might break the transfer when moving it.

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