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This page contains some general considerations to my tutorials, so please do read it if you'd like to follow one of my instructional videos. At the moment, there are not too many of those available here, but I'm working on this website every day to show and teach you how to make sugar art the iSugarfy way :-).

To all my new tutorials, I will also add a translatable, timestamped video transcript for you to translate into your language (select it at the top of any page), should you have troubles understanding everything in English.

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Share Your Work & Ask Questions

There will be a section on the main page of new tutorials, where you can upload a photo with your piping story of the transfer/cookie that you created with that specific tutorial.

This will create a mini webpage of your sugar art piece, your own unique URL, that you then can share with your family, friends, and the whole world if you wish. And there will be a comment section where they can leave their thoughts about your sweet art.

Also, at the end of a tutorial, you'll get the chance to ask questions and upload photos of problems you might have encountered during a tutorial. This will not only help you but me as well... to learn what to explain better, where to put more emphasis, etc.

A Word About the Form
Of My Tutorials

Removable royal icing transfer as shown on an owl cookie... as such can be placed on cakes and other pastries as well.

In most of my free sugarcraft tutorials and demos you will see me pipe royal icing transfers only, not directly onto cookies anymore. There is no other way than to do transfers when it comes to isomalt (at least with my techniques), but for my royal icing work I arrived at this form for many other reasons. The three main points are:

  1. A certain level of precision for some elements can be achieved with transfers only.

  2. Many people don't want to eat the sugar decorations on a cookie, nor on a cake, because they don't like too much sugar and/or chemicals from the food coloring in their diet, or they would like to keep the sugar artwork. So I started to gift cookies with removable royal icing decorations, because...

  3. ...not only does this give the recipient the choice of eating the cookie with or without the sweet artwork, but the isomalt and royal icing transfers alone will keep much longer and can be framed easier because they're much thinner.

That's why I call this my ECKSA system - Eat the Cookie, Keep the Sweet Art :-). There are many more advantages to it, which I might cover on a separate page some time. This could be interesting for you if you decorate cookies to order and would like to make your life a bit easier.

Before You Follow
Any of My Tutorials

  1. Please don’t take my instructions as gospel. How I work is just how I learned and taught myself and is not the only way. In fact, you might know a better, more efficient technique (let me know if you do, please :-)!) Everyone develops their favorites in time. So, if you see something you’d rather do differently, go for it - as long as you know what you’re doing, and don’t blame me afterward if it won't turn out quite as you imagined ;-).

  2. Please use only food-safe tools and utensils, if your artwork has a chance of being eaten. And use other, non-food-related tools exclusively for your artwork - like the utility knife that I recommend to lift off small transfers from a taped-down clear plastic sheet, for instance.

  3. Use your favorite brand of food coloring. As for now, I can't give any recommendations, as I use mostly Wilton, and a German brand, just because that’s what I can get here more readily than others.

As of the time being, I've divided my tutorials and demos into two main categories: royal icing and isomalt. But I apologize, for as of yet, I don't have an isomalt tutorial yet. This will have to wait until I figure out how to set up the whole thing.

Free sugarcraft tutorials: Learn how to make sugar art the iSugarfy way :-) - royal icing and isomalt tutorials for cookie and cake decorating.

Isomalt Tutorials & Demos:
Please Be Patient :-)

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