With Royal Icing
Frilled Cookies

The idea for frilled cookies piped without a tip came to me when I was playing around with some leftover icing. First I applied it to the Blue Butterfly, and then to the Frilled Butterfly Mask. If you look close, you can see the improvement :).

Watch the video below to see how simple frills are piped with this tipless frilling technique. And if you'd like to pipe this owl, you can download the Alien Owl Queen template.

The shape of frills piped like this can be much better controlled than with a tip, but of course, take much longer. I think it would be a real challenge to lay frills piped with a tip exactly on top of each other the way it can be done with this frilling technique. Look for frilled cookies with multiple frill layers further down the page.

Frilled Cookies

This is the owl cookie from the video demo on how to pipe the royal icing frilling technique.

The Alien Owl Queen
Ruffles piped with the royal icing frilling technique look neat on all kinds of wings and borders of decorated cookies. They add an intricate look, especially when dotted with tiny beads.
I will be adding more tutorials and demos for frilled cookies in time. Really want to show you how to pipe two or more layers of these frills in different colors as I did with the Floral Heart.

Wedding Cookies: The royal icing frilling technique can adorn all sorts of wings, feathers, and borders in cookie decorating.

Swan Wedding
These are two separate fricookies. The frilling technique can adorn all sorts of wings :). Here it is also used for feathers inside the wings. Gilded they make for an even more elegant look.
The isomalt roses seen here, I first made for Vali's Little Mushroom House. They are done by flattening simple droplets to pedals, then gathered to form the roses.

This is a royal icing decorated mandala cookie with a ruffled and gilded border, piped with my frilling technique.

Ruffled Mandala 1
I just love to do mandalas. Piping repetitive elements, especially tiny beads, can be very meditational. Or maybe it's a sign that I'm leaning toward a repetitive compulsive disorder :-P? In any case, what you see here is very minimalistic frills, but they still add a nice border look, especially when dotted with gilded beads

This is a very intricately piped mandala cookie with a ruffled border done with my royal icing frilling technique.

Ruffled Mandala 2
Quite irregular, minimalistic frills on the border of this mandala. I was just about six months into decorating cookies when I created this one. It was a challenge to myself to pipe as fine details as possible.

A Floral Heart Cookie decorated with the royal icing frilling technique on its borders.

Floral Heart
Here I just wanted to make a heart with frills. This is the result. Not one of my favorite frilled cookies, but I like the ruffles on it. I really want to show you how these are piped. I think they would be lovely for dresses in multiple layer style, too. Some day...

Floral Thank-You Cookies: The royal icing frilling technique makes for a fine, wavy border.

Floral Thank Yous
Only the top cookie here shows some minimalistic frills.
This kind of border frilling still adds a special touch, I think.
It makes for a fine, wavy border, sprucing up floral cookies with a delicate, filigree look, but it is especially lovely on critters' wings, like the frilled cookies to follow :).

Butterfly Cookies: The royal icing frilling technique can be used on mini cookies, as it can be piped in a very minimalistic way.

Butterfly Dance
Even with small cookies like these, one can use the frilling technique. Only one very minimalistic round has been added here. I think ruffled edges like this give an especially delicate look.
Eyelet lace can be used in many ways to embellish cookie designs. Here they add like a second pair of wings on top of the butterflies.

Butterfly Cookie: Triple ruffle layers piped with the tipless royal icing frilling technique to adorn this butterfly’s wings.

Frilled Butterfly Mask
I think frilled cookies look even more delicate when the ruffles are dotted with tiny beads.
Well, dots will embellish any cookie design...
Did I tell you I love to pipe beads?

Butterfly Cookie: The first specimen of a butterfly gingerbread cookie that the Royal Icing Frilling Technique got tried on.

Blue Butterfly
Doodling around with any Sugar Art medium can lead to unexpected results. Here it lead to this style of frilled cookies, i.e. ruffles piped without a tip. This was my first serious attempt to apply this technique to a cookie. For each round I used a different color and added dots... Yes, I love to pipe beads - who does not :-D ?!

3D-Star-Box Cookie: The royal icing frilling technique here is piped almost vertically on the lid.

3D Star Box Cookie
Here the lid of the box is a frilled cookie. There ruffles on it are piped almost vertically. Tipless one has much better control over how and where to pipe the frills. Wondering what's inside the box? Check it out in the  3D Gingerbread Section.

— Mushroom House —
Frills on a 3D Cookie

On 2D cookies I've never made more than 3 layers of frills. For the cap of this little mushroom house there are 7 layers piped on top of each other.

The gills underneath are just multiple overpiped lines, much like it is done with the paper quilling technique.

Mushroom Gingerbread House: The royal icing frilling technique on a 3D cookie, 7 layers stacked on top of each other.

The Mushroom House and Its "Freestyle" Roof
The roof was done by forming a shape with aluminum foil, then a circular cookie baked on top of it.
The royal icing frilling technique makes double duty here: it's staggered in seven layers to mimic scales on a mushroom cap, also mimicking roof shingles.
If you like, you can see more images of this frilled cookie in the 3D section.

Want to keep me motivated to share sugar art tutorials and demos with you?


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