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Hi!  I'm Sonja Galmad and here to share with you all I know about sugar art, the royal icing and isomalt techniques that I have learned but also, and especially so, the ones that I have developed myself.

My vision for this site is to cover all the basics and then some. Right now it might look a bit like it is geared more toward advanced sugar artists, but there will be cookie decorating videos for beginners like

  • how to make royal icing,
  • how to make paper cones,
  • how to make sugar cookies/gingerbread cookies, and
  • how to ice cookies using different techniques.

My hope is, that my efforts here will help you become a better piper/cookier/caker. I would  love to inspire you to dip a toe into new waters, to dare start playing around with new mediums and techniques - without fear of messing up.

So, if you came here looking to learn about how to

  • nail that royal icing consistency,
  • find new cookie and cake decorating tips and tricks,
  • and expand your set of sugar art techniques in general,

then yes, I think you've come to a good place!

But I do have greater aspirations for you :-).

It's okay to copy other people's work in the beginning as one is still learning techniques. But what I'd like to also show you is how to design cookies - to yes, take inspirations from others, but then to develop them into something of your own.

Because being the creator of an original artwork will give you so much more satisfaction and a feeling of pride than a copied piece ever could do.

So, once this site has grown to where it covers all the basics of royal icing and isomalt, I will add a section to show you how I translate ideas into royal icing designs for cookies and cakes with the help of Inkscape, a free vector program. And you will be able to make your own templates for royal icing designs.

In short: I will show you How to Create Sugar Art the iSugarfy Way :-)

Emoticon holding up the sign How to Make Sugar Art the iSugarfy Way.

For now this site is still young, but I'm working on it every single day and will add many more tutorials and videos like

To know when I add new tutorials and demos make sure to sign up for iSugarfy News.

If you should have any questions, suggestions, or just want to tell me something, you can do so by leaving me your thoughts in the comment section below, or through the contact form.

Thank you for your visit! I'm really happy you're here, and I hope you will find my site as useful as I envision it to be :-)!

Sending sweet vibes your way,

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