Most of the recipes you find here are ones that I have found on the web and adjusted to my liking by trying out different varieties, adding and leaving out certain ingredients, etc.

We all live in different parts of the world, in different climates, on different altitudes, with different ingredients available to us, etc.

So you might get different results than I. And you, too, might then have to adjust some parts of a recipe until it yields the desired outcome. Never be afraid to try out new stuff :-).

If there are substitutes available for a certain ingredient that I know of, it is mentioned in the recipe. I also make an effort to give both metric and imperial measurements.

Royal Icing

I use the most basic royal icing recipe, but the way I prepare, store, and use it might be a bit different than you read somewhere else.

As royal icing is one of my favorite mediums, I go a bit more into detail than with the other recipes. I'm not done with it quite, yet (the consistency and piping bag sections are still missing), but you can start reading about the main ingredients, jump to the recipe or read about how I store it. 

Glucose Syrup


We use glucose syrup in royal icing to make it more cohesive, to add shine, and to reduce/prevent color bleed. It's also used in making pastillage. - Go to the recipe



Pastillage I've added to my favorite sugar art mediums in spring of 2020, when I made a mosaic frame from it for my Purple Owl. And I tell you, I wouldn't want to do without it anymore!  Go to the recipe.



Later, alligator :-)...



After a while, crocodile :-P!

Want to keep me motivated to share sugar art tutorials and demos with you?


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