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Knitted Cookies

Here you will find all of my knitted cookies in one place.

If you would like to add the royal icing knitting technique to your cookie decorating skills, then watch my first video tutorial on how to knit with royal icing below.

My First Video Tutorial About
The Royal Icing Knitting Technique

I've posted a transcript of this video, which you can translate into your own language with the translation tool to the right (on desktop computers).

If you want to give this a go, you can download the Penguin Template.

He publicado una transcripción de este video en español.

To encourage you to give this technique a try, I'd like you to check out my first ever knitted cookies. Click on the Baby Jackets below to get a better look. See how "loose" and irregular those stitches are in comparison with the Knitted Heart Locks that follow them?

Click on any image to get a better view.

My First Ever Knitted Cookies:
Baby Jackets with Hats

The stuffed animals in the pockets and the buttons are made of modeling chocolate.

My mom always knitted baby clothes for new arrivals. So when a new baby girl was born into my family at the beginning of 2016, it gave me the idea to try to "knit" some jackets for the occasion.

Baby shower cookies decorated with the royal icing knitting technique and modeling chocolate.

Recently made cookies with the knitting technique:
Heart Locks with Keys

Knitted patterns as these take a bit more time to pipe, as one has to switch colors more frequently.

I made these for Valentine's Day 2020.
The little hearts in the key bits are made of isomalt.

With royal icing knitted heart cookies, locks, and keys: Decorated Valentine cookies for a special someone.

So take heart:  Not many masters have fallen from the skies. Most of us mere mortals need to practice, practice and then practice again :-).

The Star
Of My Knitting Video Tutorial

Penguin in Knit Sweater

This is the penguin cookie you can see in my knitting tutorial above.
If you look close, the right side of the sweater is more unevenly knit than the left.

The reason for this is that I had my icing too stiff in the beginning, and it was really doing a number on my hand.

But I didn't want to interrupt the taping just to soften the icing (it was my first video done ever). So I continued but had to give in after a while anyway.

Penguin Template

If you want to make this into a cookie, you will have to hand cut it.

Should I get enough requests for a cookie cutter, I'll have one made....
Come to think of it, better yet, ask hubby to buy me a 3D printer, LOL.

Penguin Cookie decorated with the royal icing knitting technique as shown in a video tutorial.
Penguin Cookie decorated with the royal icing knitting technique as shown in a video tutorial. Download the free template.

Tips & Tricks

Moral of the penguin story above: Always adjust your icing's consistency, if it doesn't perform well for what you are piping. Loosen it by adding more water, or thicken it by adding more stiff icing (don't thicken with powdered sugar).
Do this even if it's not too convenient at the moment, and you just wanna go on piping. I'm grateful to myself every time I heed my own advice ;-).

See more more 2D knitted cookies further down.

Knitted Cookies

Mr. Badger

Mr. Badger is a 3D cookie construction made of 5 separate cookies.

I'm quite proud of this little fellow. That's why I cover him on a page of his own. Click on Mr. Badger, if you'd like to see some progression photos of how I piped the sweater and assembled Mr. Badger.

The sweater on this 3D-Gingerbread-Cookie Figurine is piped with the royal icing knitting technique.

Crooked Little House

Covered with a knitted blanket of snow, this is a special little gingerbread house, only about 18 cm tall. It was fun to do that wavy roof!

All decorations are made with royal icing. Click on the image to see the smaller details like shoes, hat, and skis... Or help me shovel the snow! See the back of this house and other 3D cookies in the 3D Gingerbread Cookies section.

Crooked Little Gingerbread House: Its roof is decorated with the royal icing knitting technique.

More 2D
Knitted Cookies

Gnome Cookies

You might have already seen Jolly Gnome below. He's the star of a knitting demo I made. But there are others, incl. some 3D Gnome cookies that you can/will be able to see on their own page.

Messenger of Love
Someone saw my knit Valentine Koalas and asked me to do a bigger version for him to give to his girlfriend. With 20cm this guy is double the original size.

I haven't piped a whole cookie with big stitches before, and would not recommend anyone to do it. Even though the RI consistency is the same, it is much harder on the hands. Small stitches are a breeze in comparison.

Anyway, I got the dimensions by modeling very stiff royal icing. It dries much faster and harder than fondant. Some day soon, I'll make another, smaller stuffed animal and will show you in a video.

The heart is modeled stiff royal icing and dipped in flood-bead consistency icing. The eyes and rose are made of isomalt.

The dimensions of this amigurumi-koala-bear cookie were made by modeling very stiff royal icing. It was then overpiped with the royal icing knitting technique. The eyes and rose are made of isomalt.

Sharing Cookie Love and Knowledge

This cookie I decorated for Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #38 on Cookie Connection.

After 30 Challenges this was the last one for Christine Donelly (Bakerloo Station) who was their brilliant designer and host up to that point. This one was to be a Collaboration: All squares were compiled into one beautiful quilt, showcasing the techniques we all have learned through these challenges.

Sharing Cookie Love: A gingerbread mandala cookie with royal icing knitted elements.

Knitted Horseshoes

Horseshoes, the four-leaved clover, and ladybugs are all considered lucky charms, at least in these parts of the world. We gift them to wish someone best of luck in the New Year. The little ladybugs are made of isomalt.

Knitted Horseshoe Gingerbread Cookies: Lucky Charms decorated with the Royal Icing Knitting Technique.

Little Bat Trying to Keep Warm

If you've seen this little fellow before, you know that I've always posted him up-side-down. It just drives me batty (pun intended) to see him hanging in this uncomfortable position %-}.

The royal icing texture on the head has been applied with a brush, then hand-painted.
The eyes are made of isomalt.

A bat cookie/Halloween cookie decorated with the royal icing knitting technique that can be used in cake decorating as well.

Little Pumpkin Ghost Cookie

"Look mom, I found me a duckie!" Yeah, that pumpkin under the little fellow's right arm is supposed to look like a water bird %-}.

Eyes and mouth are made of isomalt.

Pumpkin Ghost Cookie is a Halloween cookie decorated with the Royal Icing Knitting Technique. Eyes and mouth are made of isomalt.

Easter Bunnies with Straw Hats

These little Easter rabbits made their home in an egg, showcasing their Easter outfits. Maybe some day I'll do a 3D one...

Easter Bunnies with Straw Hats: Gingerbread egg cookies decorated with the Royal Icing Knitting Technique.

 Little Bunny Boy
The grass is piped with a tipless parchment cone, blade by blade.

Little Easter Bunny Boy with Straw Hat: A gingerbread egg cookie decorated with the Royal Icing Knitting Technique.

 Little Bunny Girl
A pearl necklace adds a bit of stylishness to her outfit.

Little Easter Bunny Girl with Straw Hat: A gingerbread egg cookie decorated with the Royal Icing Knitting Technique.

Patriotic Swiss Cow

This is one of three patriotic Swiss cows that I made, but this cow's tail - heavy with small transfer flowers - threatened to fall off, so I placed her on her own pasture, i. e. on top of another cookie to stabilize that tail.

Patriotic Swiss Cow Cookie: A gingerbread cookie decorated with the royal icing knitting technique and small transfer flowers.

Momma Bookworm

Momma Bookworm sitting on her favorite easy chair reading her favorite book...

A "glued together" gingerbread cookie decorated with the Knitting Technique. Hat is piped via dimensional pressure piping and over piped with knitting stitches. Feet and book are modeling chocolate, the glasses gelatin.

Momma Bookworm: A gingerbread bookworm cookie decorated with the Royal Icing Knitting Technique.

Baby Bookworms Sleeping on Easy-Chair

Momma bookworm has metamorphosed into a Codling Moth...babies take over her chair.

The baby bookworms are mini cookies glued to the easy chair.

Baby Bookworms in Apple Cookies, decorated with the royal icing knitting technique.

Baby Bookworms Sleeping in Apples

Baby Bookworms in knitted outfits sleeping on golden delicious apples with codling moths mommas watching over them.

The Dimensions of these bookworm cookies were piped with royal icing, then overpiped. Feet and books are made of modeling chocolate, the glasses of gelatin.

Bookworm Cookies: Baby Bookworm Cookies: Cookie Decorating with the royal icing knitting technique.

Valentine Koalas

These are my first dimensional cookies decorated with the knitting technique. But the dimensions of the different body part were achieved by gluing together small cookies, not through pressure piping. The roses and hearts are made of modeling chocolate.

Valentine Koala Bear Cookies decorated with the Royal Icing Knitting Technique. A free video shows how to do the basic stitch.

Cable-Knit Heart

After the baby jackets, I wanted to try a cable knit pattern. This was the result. The buttons are made of modeling chocolate.

The writing on top should read "Love Keeps the Heart Warm"...

Heart Cookie decorated with a cable knit pattern using the Royal Icing Knitting Technique. The buttons are modeling chocolate.

Tell me I was able to inspire you to pick up knitting :)?!

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